About us

Although it may sound stange, Countdown was born in an unexpected way.

One afternoon, driven by curiosity, I decided to try and see how escapism was and … I was completely trapped. I started going to all the escape rooms of my dearest Malaga. It was something that I was passionate about, until one day I thought: – «What if I set up my own escape room?»

That question crossed my mind three years ago and … here we are !!

The road hasn’t been easy. To begin with, I had to start from scratch without having the slightest idea: not only did I have to think about the riddles, they had to be developed, so I had no choice but to learn programming based on watching YouTube tutorials. And not only that, I turned my house upside down with material that could serve me to assemble, test, disassemble, remove, build … and do the impossible until I achieved each one of the tests that I had designed for what would be my first room.

A few months ago I rented a place and, with the help of a friend, I equipped myself with tools, screws, wood, cables, cement, some machinery and a lot of illusion, to build, with our own hands, a room capable of transmitting everything I had felt, the highlight of what had impressed me most, of all the escapes I had visited.
From all this was born (for now) «The Resurrection of Apophis»: a room decorated in 1906. A room that transports you to that time, where we have taken care of even the smallest detail so that the game is in a real environment, so real, that many of the escapists who have visited us, have asked to re-enter just to see it again.
Countdown has a clear purpose: to make each person who visits us, leave with the total satisfaction of having enjoyed an unique and unforgettable experience.
But all of this wouldn’t be possible without the most valuable thing that this company has: the great team.
They are the engine of Countdown, because I am lucky to have a team that from the first day has been united in order for this to work, that doesn’t rest a moment until achieving the proposed objectives. A team as excited as I am, with the same desires, concerns, involvement, closeness, flexibility, enthusiasm, commitment, and so many virtues, which make that today my «idea» has become what it is: the dream of everybody.
Every day we work to improve, and the result is that soon we will open a new room, but we’ll talk about that later….
Meanwhile, welcome!
The Countdown team

Why choose us?

A satisfied customer is essential for our company.

Our priority is that our clients feel delighted by the treatment received. We think that good customer service starts with the employee himself. And desire, enthusiasm and motivation is what we have left over, so inevitably we will transmit the best energy so that your adventure is enjoyed to the fullest.

The atmosphere catches you from minute 1.
We have placed so much emphasis on the authenticity of the rooms, that you will believe you are living a real adventure. From the moment you cross the door of the chosen room, you will be transferred to another era, another world, an environment totally different from our current life.
What kind of game do we offer?
A game in which everyone who participates is entertained and has something to do. It doesn’t matter if your team has 2, 4 or 6 players because there are tests, puzzles and riddles for everyone, and the best of all, without an pre-established order so you can enjoy at your leisure.
You will not find the typical room full of locks but we offer you varied, different, entertaining and original puzzles …

Your experience is our challenge
And what is the challenge? Surprise you to the point that the experience will be very difficult to forget. We endevour to achieve that when you think of us, your eyes light up, you laugh, you get excited, you feel euphoric, but above all … you want more.

In Countdown you will find entertainment, surprises and fun.