The resurrection of Apophis

Egypt. Year 1906

A famous archaeologist, Doctor Mallory, travels to Egyptian lands in search of the temple of the god Apophis. According to the writings found, during an important planetary alignment, there was a succession of signals that led him to the location of a new pyramid. Once he established his office in Cairo, the doctor mysteriously disappeared. Since then he has not been heard from again.

The most prestigious astronomers of the University of Cairo have determined that planetary alignment is about to occur again. You, a group of experienced archaeologists, have the difficult mission of finding out if Dr. Mallory really discovered the pyramid or if it is just an ancient legend. To do this you will have to enter his office and look for the clues the Doctor has left behind. Once inside, you only have 60 minutes to investigate what happened. If the planetary alignment ends before, we will not know what your destiny will be …


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